For optimum night protection

For use during menstruating, power of absorbtion 4 drops (heavy flow)

Cotton absorbent Lady Anion with 4 drops power of absorbtion offer protection and comfort during the first nights of menstruating, when the flow is heavy. The large cotton surface touches the sensiitive skin delicately, eliminates moisture and heat. The anions emission strip (6,000/cm3), tourmaline and infrared hinder the survival and growth of bacteria, helps control the vagina PH and eliminates odours. Absorbent Lady Anion protects and prevents irritations, inflammations and infections of any kind.


Sanitary absorbent pads Lady Anion with 4 drops power of absorbtion are recommended to teenagers and women with a normal menstruation flow, offering optimum protection during the night.

Sanitary absorbent pads Lady Anion can be used as a means of protection and prevention against vaginal and urinary infections, from the first steps in puberty (9 – 10 y.o.), as soon as the first menstruation.

For maximum protection, comfort and prevention against infection, absorbent pads Lady Anion should be changed every 4 hours.