Common sanitary absorbent pads are made of paper, plastic and other materials, all of them recycled and whitened by chlorine. Their great majority may cause skin rush, irritations, inflammations and infections of the urinary tract, especially if women experience an increased skin sensitivity in the intimate parts of their body and are prone to bacterial infections and vagina inflammations during the menstruating period.

In aproximately two hours of use a common absorbent pad, non-steryle and without natural fibres, can house about 107 growing bacteria/mm2!

Lady Anion absorbent pads ensure, through its innovatory protection mechanism, and especially by the natural materials it is made of (steryle cotton, tourmaline strip with anions and infrared emission), not only protection, but it also eliminates bacteria, and also prevents troubles (more or less temporary) that women may face: irritation, inflammations and infections of the urinary tract.

Why do we think that Lady Anion absorbent pads are better than ordinary pads and that, by using them on a regular basis, you won’t face the above mentioned problems?

Here it is why! Lady Anion absorbent pads have got 8 (!) protective layers, each of them with a definite role in ensuring the guaranteed benefits of the product:


Layer no. 1. Additional protection on both sides preventing side leakage and underwear staining.

Layer no. 2. Large steryle cotton surface, with instant drying, offering a pleasant feeling. It is very delicate to the sensitive skin, prevents irritations, inflammations, itching and all unpleasant sensations met with the other absorbent sanitary pads.

Layer no. 3. The strip with anions emission (6000/cm3) with tourmaline and infrared neutralizes odours (without aroma or perfumes that can trigger allergies) and controls the Ph. The strip blocks the survival and growth of any bacteria on the whole surface of the absorbent pad, being the only steryle absorbent pad on the market.

Layer no. 4. The first layer of sterilized unrecyled paper drives the menstrual fluid towards the superabsorbent polymer.

Layer no. 5. The biodegradable material of polymer gel ensures the instant absorption of the fluid, allowing the absorbent pads to remain dry all the time.

Layer no. 6. The second layer of unrecycled sterilized paper, for additional protection.

Layer no. 7. The base material, waterproof for fluids, ensures a maximum protection. It allows the air circulation and cuts out moisture and heat.

Layer no. 8. The non-toxic adhesive, used in food industry, to better the attachment to the underwear.

The eight layers turn Lady Anion from a mere absorber to an innovatory mechanism of complete protection and prevention, respecting health and at the same time being nature friendly (by all its biodegradable components).

THERE ARE NO CONTRAINDICATIONS. Pregnant women and persons prone to allergies are advised to ask the physician’s opinion.