AnionCare Guarantees

AnionCare products can be bought only from S.C.AnionCare SRL or from authorized distributors AnionCare.

AnionCare guarantees 100% for the quality of its products, and the complaints that refer to this aspect are treated according to the Romanian legislation in use, as to the consumers’ rights. The guarantee is an assumed engagement for each of our AnionCare distributors and, implicitly, by the producer, towards every consumer apart, without engaging additional costs in the case of returning the price paid by the consumer or replacing the product he has bought, if this does not meet with the stated conditions in the statements about the guarantee or in the advertisement accompanying it.

Conformity products are those that fit the description on the official site of presentation or that made by the distributors and have the same qualities and characteristics as the products that the distributor has offered as a sample or model.

AnionCare products, no matter the range, correspond to the aim/aims they are used for and present the parameters of quality and performance at the described standards in the guarantee or in the advertisement attached, realized by the distributors by live demonstrations, meant to put into evidence the real characteristics of the products.

The customer benefits of all the rights confirmed by the legislation regarding consumers’ protection and, in the case of products non-conformity, he can choose either for changing them or replacing them with conformity products, or for getting the money back, if the lack of conformity is assessed, according to the law.

Non-conformity products are those products that, for one or several reasons, do not match the description on the official site or that made by the authorized distributor and cannot be used to the aim they have been designed.

Lack of conformity of the AnionCare products may consist of:
– expired validity term;
– unsealed sterile wrapping;
– products whose description/picture does not match the product received at request.

The details of the way to make a complaint about various situations are presented in the document – Policy of complaining.

Any complaint should be made in the terms described, by filling in the Complaint form, that must be accompanied by a copy of the whole purchase bill under discussion. If it implies paying back or returning some products, then the form should be accompanied by the respective product in its original wrapping.

We believe in the quality of our services and products and we will try to understand and meet your wishes and necessities, so that once you have purchased AnionCare products you should remain our devoted customer!