Absorbent sanitary pads Lady Anion, through their innovatory mechanism of protection, but especially because of the natural materials they are made of (sterile cotton, tourmaline strip with anions and infrared emission), ensure protection and eliminate bacteria, they also prevent the troubles (more or less temporary) that women may face: irritations, inflammations and infections of the urinary tract.


Delicate on the sensitive skin it prevents irritations, itching and inflammations.

Named by the ancient Indiens “the white gold”, the cotton has been considered, for thousands of years, the most important natural fiber. The purity of the material and its delicacy at its contact to the skin make the cotton be the most used natural fiber in the world.


Tourmaline, a magnetic crystal, has an antibacterial and powerfully detoxifying effect.

When heated, the tourmaline creates a low magnetic field, releasing infrared rays and anions. This phenomenon has beneficial effects on the human body, known and medically acknowledged: it stimulates the immunity and endocrin system activity, improves fertility and stimulates the sexual function, improves blood quality and helps clear the toxins from the vessels, improving the peripheric blood circulation.


Anions and infrared emission strip eliminates bacteria and neutralizes odours.

All the living beings in the world are linked by anions (or negative ions). These have no colour or smell, but they have a great capacity of absorption of the microparticles in the air, of deleting dust and bacteria. The anions in the air are as important as the nutrients in food, being also called “the vitamins of the air”.