The anion is a monoatomic or polyatomic ion that carries one or several negative electric charges.

All living beings in the world are linked by anions (or negative ions). Under normal conditions, air molecules or atoms are neuter. Due to the natural ionization of the cosmic rays, the ultraviolet rays, the micro radiations, the lightnings and thunders, etc., some molecules lose some of their electrons that used to orbit around their nuclei and these free electrons, with a negative charge, combine with other neuter molecules of the air, whom they will charge negatively, resulting the ions in the air. These have no color or smell, but have a great capacity of absorption of the micro particles in the air, of deleting dust and bacteria.

The anions in the air are as important as the nutrients in food, being also called “the vitamins of the air” or “the waste collectors of the air”. More anions in the air mean less bacteria.

Lately the interest for the curative properties of the negatively charged ions and for the possibilities of using them in the health care have considerably increased. The anionic Lady Anion sanitary pads are curative-prophylactic, with an exclusively material action, conceived as a result of the studies and research in the fields of nanotechnologies (molecular technologies of the 3rd millennium, in which “the raw material” is the atoms).

The anionic sanitary pads Lady Anion differ from the other similar products by the presence of the anionic strips of high technology incorporated in them. These strips, when in touch with the human body, start releasing a dense flux of anions (over 6000/cm2/second) for the next maximum 7 hours, eliminating the burst and multiplication of any bacteria, controlling the Ph in the vagina, deleting the odors, protecting us from irritations, inflammations and infections.