Comfort for effort

Power of absorbtion 4 drops (heavy flow)

Women are active by theire nature. In the case of physically demanding activities (sports activities), especially for the women who have had children it is possible to experience urinary incontinency.Urinary incontinency is quite frequent with women at retiring age, and also during the last months of pregnancy (because of the pressure put on the bladder), it is also present in the months following giving birth (because of the muscular strain).

Incontinency is not a disease proper, it is more of a symptom of an inferior urinary tract trouble. Usually, urinary incontinency does not bring about major health problems, but it can be embarrassing and can affect women’s self confidence. When confrunted with urinary incontinency, women may avoid going out because this feeling, they may develop irritation at vagina level or in the inguinal region, because of their long lasting contact with the urine or even to get severe urinary infections.

The sterile cotton surface of the absorbent sanitary pads SportPAD Lady Anion touches the sensitive skin delicately, ensures the comfort, eliminates moisture and heat. The strip with anions emission (6,000/cm3), tourmaline and infrared hinder the survival and growth of bacteria and help vaginal pH control, eliminate odours, too.


Cotton absobent sanitary pads, Lady Anion SportPAD, may be used daily, as a means of protection and prevention against vagina and urinary infections. For maximum protection, comfort and prevention against infections, Lady Anion sanitary absorbent pads should be changed every 4 hours.