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This document states the terms and conditions of using the website www.ANIONCARE.RO by its users and/or by our clients ANIONCARE srl. By using the site ANIONCARE.RO you agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that follow, as they are of a contractual nature and generally valid and aplyable within the Romanian territory. Using the website and the content of the website implies that you agree to fulfill the legal conditions and assume the terms in the contract. If you do not wish it, please leave and/or not use or access the website www.anioncare.ro.

The site www.ANIONCARE.RO is the property of ANIONCARE srl. And using it implies that you accept the terms and conditions below. The terms and conditions state the rights and obligations of the users, as well as those of the seller, the position in which ANIONCARE srl is, and of the purchase, the position in which ANIONCARE srl customers are, those who apply for orders by the website ANIONCARE.RO, as well as the occasional visitors who access the website for information.

ANIONCARE srl is a Romanian company registered at Registrul Comertului Bucuresti under the number J40/14747/29.11.2013, CUI 32533303, its address in Bucharest, sector 5, Sg. Maj. Florea Blejan Street, bl.14, sc. 1, et. 3, ap.13, cam. 3.

All information published on the site are meant for informing and should be considered as such and it does not create any obligation for either part. The company ANIONCARE srl reserves the right to add, modify or delete any public information on the site for its representatives or thirds without fore notification prealabila. Using the information published on the website www.anioncare.ro with other aims than those of informing and/or carrying on operations of ordering and answering them can be made only by obeying Law nr 8/1996 regarding the copyright and its connex rights and the modifications brought to it by Law nr. 285/2004 , Ordonanta de Urgenta 123/2005, Law nr.202/2010. Any attempt of unauthorized access, tentative theft of data and/or informatic attack or malevolent action against the website www.anioncare.ro will be notified to the authorized autorities.
ANIONCARE srl reserves the right of blocking or restricting the access to the website without notification. The website www.aniocare.ro offers you the possibility to subscribe for informative communications about the products and/or services offered sent by e-mail at the address you give us. If you want to unsubscribe from this information you can do it any moment by using the link in every informative e-mail received. www.anioncare.ro will not send any unrequested messages to its users/clients. In order to begin the cooperation between you/ your company and ANIONCARE srl please contact our closest regional representative to acquire products or ANIONCARE srl in view of signing a contract. In order to contact Anioncare srl please use the communication ways mentioned above.

The instructions displayed in the security zone of the website where the orders are placed should be obeyed without fail and they are a part of this document.

Any product and service offered by this site are meant for commercial operations exclusively on the Romanian territory. Anioncare SRL has no obligation as a result from re-selling products and/or services made by its purchasers by the site www.anioncare.ro and that do not have the explicite agreement of Anioncare srl for reselling its products and/or services.